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We are young individuals with different professional backgrounds and a big drive to change the life of small business owners. This project started as each of us, one time or another had to create a website for a family member, friend or neighbour’s shop/coffee bar. After creating our own portofolio and getting the needed experience, we got together to enhance our web design skills,  our work speed, social environment and the most important to delegate tasks. The result of this collaborations is ByteProfis. Our second family.

ByteProfis is dedicated to providing professional websites that focuses on making your presence on the Internet a memorable one. We understand the importance of getting it right first time and partner with you to deliver your ideas and concepts to the world as the professional website you deserve.

How We Do

Our Working Routine


We usually get to office around 8 a.m. First thing first we get a cup of coffee from our espresso machine, which we are so proud of having in our office. Some chit chatting is part of enjoying a coffee.

In the next two hours, each of us is concentrated in replaying client emails, searching for new ones, developing new plugins and market strategies.


At 10:30 its our first ”grab a fruit to stay healthy” break, which usually takes no more than 10 minutes.Than we get back at work to create new content and thinking new strategies to help our clients.

At 12:30 is our lunch break. Mos of the times we bring food from home. Before getting back at work we usually have a table kicker round.

From 13:30 to 17:00 we get back at content creating, website management, social media management, replaying emails, researching new strategies and once a week we take 2 hours to develop a new skill at online platforms such as udemy.


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Arber. C

CoFounder & Account Manager

Florjan. Sh

COO & Account Manager

Ergys. L

CoFounder & Creative Director

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